5 August 2008

Behind, but not dead

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NEW – Here are the older Posts in order from oldest to newest for JULY.

I will be catching up August tomorrow (8/6/08 along with another photo slideshow or two). We will be celebrating Gotcha day on 8/6.

  1. Homestudy Year Long Visit
  2. Pirates Cove
  3. First Friday Small Group
  4. White Water
  5. 2nd Surgery Update
  6. Last Surgery Update
  7. First Friday Preparations
  8. Post Surgery 2 – Visit 1
  9. First Friday in August 2008 – Opportunities
  10. Guitar Man
  11. Consignment Sale Prep and Sleep issues
  12. First Lie

Behind in our posting. Enough said. Some have wondered if we are dead. NO, reports of our death are greatly exaggerated. We have just been spending time with the family and some friends while enjoying the last of summer. I also have been finished grading and scoring all projects for the summer term. We have also made a couple of doctor trips and squeezed in summer between the last day of class and the day of surgery.

I have helped finish two re-adoption paperwork for two families. I have also been working on several projects – none of which are complete yet. One is working with photos and when the photo database is complete, I will be able to put together some special effects (not fireworks, but some cool stuff) for next week as we look back on our Journey to Sheridan – One Year Ago.

So, I will catch up the older posts soon. It is important for me as this is a journal for Sheridan and I want him to have this record to read and enjoy one day in the future.

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Belinda Bininger Says:

3 August 2008 at 6:11 pm.

Hello there friends –

I apologize for not calling your back yet. We have been dealing with the loss of my husband ‘s mother. She is 89 years old and has been so very healthy for so very long.

She is on her last leg, possibly the next couple of days is all she has left due to congestive heart and kidney failure. So between work, summer camp and traveling back and forth to North Florida, we have been consumed.

If I do not call you back soon – please call us as we are so spread.

We want to see you as soon as we are all able. I think of you often and cannot believe it has been one year since we received our precious children.

God Bless –

We love you –

Mary Audrey, Belinda
Orbra, Emily, Madeline & Charlotte

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This is the chronicle of our adventures as a family with Sheridan.

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