15 May 2010

Chinatree Practice

Posted by BaBa under: China Tree School .

We are watching Sheridan practice at ChinaTree for a music performance next week. I am posting from the iPhone.
It was fun watching the kids practice their 3 songs for the performance which is next week. They will be singing for a group of business leaders at the Hyatt. The school is looking to make some important connections in the school’s goal to send a group of parents and students to China in 2012 to visit the partner school in Guangzhou. I will be filming the presentation and hope to post it.

Update —
The iPhone posting is great for a quick post on the road. It will still be hard to post any lengthy information due to the onscreen keyboard. Hopefully this summer with the new software, Apple will finally release a bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone. It is supposed to be in the release. This will make it so much easier to post on the road. I used to have this ability with my Palm and miss it. I could create posts for the travel journal on the fly whith ease. I love the iPhone to surf the web and see email along with all of the apps. It just takes too long to write anything (email or documents) using the onscreen keyboard. Hopefully this will be fixed this summer.

But for now, it is really great to have the WordPress app working so that photos and posts.

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Amy Beaver Says:

27 August 2011 at 11:59 am.

Hey there- I met your wife long ago at a consignment sale in Acworth! I thought of your family because I’ve helped set up a Chinese Dance/Culture class that starts next Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011 off Wade Green in Acworth. We are still looking for a few more students for the class – if you are interested in this for your son – or if you know of someone that might be interested – please pass along this info. I think the class is geared for ages 3-8 and will be taught by Sandra Shih Parks – dance professor from KSU. Anyone interested can contact her directly at sparksproduction@gmail.com – it is such an amazing opportunity for the kids in our area! Best, Amy Beaver – mom to Mary Lin – 4 years old

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