21 July 2008

White Water

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We are trying to squeeze summer into a few days with the little guy so that he can enjoy some things before surgery. This is coupled with the ending of the summer term for me and final grading of the student’s work. Summer is short between the term for the University and the beginning of high school and fall at the University. However, due to a later start at the high school this year, we have a golden couple of weeks with no work responsibilities. YEAH.

We took Sheridan to White Water today. It was really interesting to take him to a water park and this was our first visit as well. At least my first visit. I parked up the street and walked over after dropping off MaMa and Sheridan. I was unwilling to fork over $10 to park. YIKES.

We had a great time. We took him to the kiddie area and saw all of the water flowing from the different towers or up from the ground. How cool was this? Ubber Cool. We got himin the water (after getting him over being too cold). We then tried the slides. No, he was not a happy camper on either of the regular slides going down on his own. He does not like getting his face wet. This goes back to it being raining on the day he was found at the train station.

I went down a longer slower slide with him a few times and then tried a bigger slide with him. It went fine the first time since I got my feet down as I came off the slide. Well the second time no such luck. He got his face in the water as I was trying not to fall over coming off the slide. I just misjudged the landing. This is also after MaMa assured him he would not get the face wet. Oh well.

However, by far his favorite and ours too was floating down the lazy river (a meandering lap pool that winds its way around most of the park) and has just a little current too it. We did this once (several laps with MaMa) and later in the day with just me. In between he found a little boy to play with and learned to splash and be splashed. He was having fun in the water even though his face was getting wet. The last few laps were laying on top of me as I lay on a inner tube. A great way to relax and have a great time.

MaMa took a few photos of us as we floated down the lazy river.


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amy Says:

6 August 2008 at 7:13 am.

We have not been here. One day perhaps. What fun pictures

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