26 September 2010

Pacific NW Trip Recap

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We have been home today and adjusting to the time change. We have also done laundry and unpack. It has been a quiet day and we have enjoyed being home. I have also been able to make a change to our states map as we now have added Oregon. I have only 5 more states left to complete visiting all 50 states. All 5 are in the New England area — Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine. This is easily doable in one trip and sometime in the future, we will make this trip.

We did get quite a few stares in China Town. Almost all were really inquisitive and seemed friendly. Unfortunately we got to see racism on two of our bus rides. It was a reminder that we have people who have really prejudiced views of the world.

We made a lot of good memories and a few nice photos. These are always a great benefit to a trip. Here is a recap of the travel posts.

  1. Trip Day 0 β€” Fly Away
  2. Trip Day 1 β€” Up, Up & Away
  3. Trip Day 1 β€” Arrival
  4. Trip Day 1 β€” Reflections on Seattle Past
  5. Trip Day 2 β€” Seattle Day 1
  6. Trip Day 3 β€” Seattle Day 2
  7. Trip Day 4 β€” On the Road
  8. Trip Day 5 β€” San Fancisco Day 1 – China Town
  9. Trip Day 6 β€” San Francisco Day 2 – Exploring Museums
  10. Trip Day 6 β€” Adventure
  11. Trip Day 7 β€” San Fancisco Day 3 β€” Alcatraz & Warf
  12. Trip Day 8 β€” San Fancisco Day 4 β€” Ghiradelli, Cable Car & ChinaTown
  13. Trip Day 9 β€” Homeward Bound & Home Again

Our next trip is probably to Washington DC, but the time frame is yet unknown as we will have to budget and plan for our next outing. In DC, there is so much to see and show Sheridan including all of the capital monuments and the items on the way such as Williamsburg and Mount Vernon.

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nanlee Says:

1 October 2010 at 8:09 am.

Love SF! Glad you had such a busy/great time! Miss you! Love you! Nancylee

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