5 August 2008

BaBa and Sheridan Day

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One Year Ago Today 08-05-07

Today BaBa and Sheridan spent the day running errands. MaMa got some time to herself to get her nails done and a haircut. She needed a little alone time as it is hard to be with our non-stop talker all of the time.

We went to the Office supply stores, School Box, the bank and Blockbuster. We were returning movies at Blockbuster as we have begun to introduce Movie Nights with Sheridan after his surgery. This has been effective in keeping him less active while he was healing and he also enjoyed it very much. We have seen Over the Hedge and a couple of Pooh movies along with Surf’s Up. His favorite so far is Over the Hedge. He loves when we make Mr. Dan Popcorn in the brown lunch bags with confectioner’s sugar. Thanks Dan for the recipe.

We also went to the University to drop off a new laptop to have Windows XP Pro installed instead of Vista and both versions of Office installed on it. I got a good deal on a floor model during last weekend’s tax free school holidays. My current one got within 1gb of filing the hard drive and was 2 years old. Sheridan will soon use it to learn new things at MaMa’s home school which starts the day I return to teach at the high school.

We left the University and went to Fuddrucker’s for lunch. He was a model errand buddy yesterday. It reminds me of the many times Dad would just load us all in the Van to go run errands. Dad loved to have MaMa and I go run errands with he and Grandma Chapman for no other reason than just to spend time with all of us.

Sheridan had a couple of suckers at the bank. He then had M&M’s at the University. His funniest line was at School Box. He was talking with one of the ladies and she told him to come back soon. He replied – “I call you in 5 minutes.”

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amy Says:

6 August 2008 at 9:49 am.

What a fun day. I bet LynnMarie will help us remember wonderful memories as well.

That Sheridan makes me smile

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