26 June 2008

Copper Mountain, Swimming and Conference – 06/26/08

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I awoke and went back to work finishing the presentation for this afternoon, nothing like finishing just in the nick of time. I then posted the information to my website and made a couple of other cosmetic changes to the site.

We then went to the pool for Sheridan’s first swimming trip. It was a little cool in the inside pool, but he went in to the pool without too much prompting. I blew up the floaties for his arms and his life preserver ring (Spiderman Theme – thanks to his Secret Pal Wanda in Maine).

He was a little timid at first. MaMa had to hang on, but once he gave up the floating noodle in favor of the inflated arm floaties and lifesaver ring, he was fine. He even started kicking his feet and moving through the water on his own. Of course I took photos.

He saw an older child jump in the pool to his Dad and so Sheridan wanted to jump to MaMa. He did this about three times with no fear, but the coolness of the water took a toll on him. Our swimming trip was over.

We went back to the room and I quickly changed so that we could get lunch. We had a good lunch and it was then time for them to nap and for me to prepare for the afternoon talk. I found the conference organizer and got the information for the presentation posted to the conference wiki. I then went to the conference room.

I must say it is a little frustrating to draw a presentation slot on the last full day of the conference as the last session of the day in a remote location. I only had 7 people attend the session. I don’t mean to sound pompous, but I am used to presenting to a room full of people. I made the best of the situation and gave a good presentation. I just have to admit that 8 hours of prep work to design a good talk and have such a small audience was disappointing. However, I got over it quickly as I was enjoying being here and the sessions were good. I also loved that all of us could make the trip to this wonderful part of the country.

We had dinner with the conference folks and it was delightful with pan fried flank steak. Magoo was tired and so we skipped the live music and fireworks.


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