23 June 2008

Colorado Travel Preparations – 6/23/08

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I got home from the University and went to drop off Rainbow at Doggie Camp. We took Sheridan with us so that we could let him know that Rainbow would be safe while we were gone. We also hoped that this time he would have a better reaction than the last time when he was inconsolable grief. Yes, he was a little upset, but really a much better reaction than last time. Our pet sitter (doggie camp) is a horse rescue facility and has chickens, goats and of course horses.

We packed last night after going to dinner at Chili’s and picking up a book that my principal recommended – The Shack. To say Sheridan was wound up is to say the least. He was excited about going on the plane and going to Colorado. Our trip is a family working vacation. I am speaking at a tech conference at Cooper Mountain and we will stay at the resort. I was there last year and it is wonderful.

It is nestled in the Rocky Mountains and we will be able to ride the lift to the top where the snow is still on the mountain. They will also have time to swim and I will carve out some time for FUN. I must admit, I am still putting the last final touches to the presentation for Thursday afternoon, but it will be finished in time. JIT (Just In Time) is what I lectured on Monday at the university.

We finished packing and I then got the electronics ready – downloaded Saturday pictures, cleared memory card, charged batteries, and put luggage in car.

I also worked on the card for CCAI and the photo that I have prepared as a gift. One of the highlights of the trip is to stop today at CCAI in Centennial Colorado to visit the agency headquarters. We truly believe if it were not for Lily’s help and intervention that we would not be a forever family. She helped with the letter sent to CCAA when they wanted information about MaMa’s bi-polar medications. We are so grateful to the entire agency especially Sarah, Pam, Deniece (the Waiting Child Department) and of course Jaime in Atlanta.

We are going to present them with a card and a matted framed 12×16 print I made at the Viking River Cruise School in Yueyang, China. It is one of my favorite shots and I hope that they will like it.


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