30 May 2008


Posted by BaBa under: Daily Life .

This morning we awoke to Sheridan calling “MaMa, where are you?” He called this over and over. I started calling “Sheridan, Where are you?” Soon we then heard thump, thump, thump as his tiny feet make their way into the bedroom. I should point out that he will notice BaBa when BaBa is not in the bed. However, MaMa is his first priority. He gets up on the bed and greets MaMa with hugs and kisses.

I went to put my arm around MaMa — Sheridan then says “No hold the MaMa. No squeeze the MaMa. Hold the Sheridan.” He is also trying to move my arm as he is saying this over and over. So of course, I oblige him and try to cuddle Sheridan. Oh no, this is not what he wants either. So he responds “No hold the Sheridan.” This little scene is repeated several times this morning.

He starts reciting what he is going to do today. Sheridan eat. Sheridan watch TV. Sheridan watch World World (sounds a little like he wants to watch World War on the history channel instead of the PBS show about Words). He then says he will help BaBa and empty trash. Another attempt a cuddles brings this jaw dropping line.

Sheridan throw BaBa in Trash!

Well I guess I should not cuddle in the morning and just wait to get cuddles later in the day or I will be thrown out with the trash. HA! HA! Could you say he is just a tad possessive and jealous?

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amy Says:

30 May 2008 at 9:04 am.

He sure does make you smile, doesnt he?

Donna Says:

30 May 2008 at 9:35 pm.

Too funny, sounds like something Shelby would tell CJ!

Heather Says:

30 May 2008 at 10:27 pm.

He’s funny! Lily still yells at Mark & Angela when they hug me….”my mama!!” So one day I asked her as I pointed to Mark, “Who is Mark’s mama then?”. Lily just looked at me like “oh yea, I guess you are”…it was funny. 🙂 I love this age–they say and do the funniest things.

nancy Says:

4 June 2008 at 9:37 am.

OH, he is too funny! Don’t you just love how kids think! Love you guys! Nancy

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