28 April 2008

Last Year’s Roadblock

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We did not publicize this on the blog last year. On April 18th, the phone rang and China has requested MaMa’s medications for bi-polar.

I worked the phones that day to reach her Therapist, Former Doctor and to our agency to plan an appropriate response that would satisfy their inquiry. I got really busy and had little time to worry. That would come later. I came up with a plan and began to work the plan. I was going to complete my research and phone calls before calling MaMa to tell her about the request. It is funny that we have been married so long as she knew before I could tell her that something was wrong.

I wrote a few people about 10 days after the call to let them know that we hit a slight road bump on the way to Sheirdan. In fact that is what I called it. This bump would test our faith and our trust in God’s plan as we waited from April to June for the CCAA to make a decision if we had provided the correct documentation.

Why do I write about this today. Each day that passes diminishes the memories of the worry, hurry and wait as we enjoy the blessing of Sheridan. I write about it because it is part of the story that was not told on the blog. I write about it today because others have similar challenges and as Donna would say need Straight Talk. We both are quite open about this part of our lives and how we deal together with MaMa’s bi-polar.

I also write because of the amazing joy and healing that I and so many others have seen in MaMa since Sheridan has come home. The bi-polar is still there and we still manage the condition with medication, therapy and rest. However, so much healing has come as a gift from God into both of their lives. His healing has flowed into the quiet little guy who never smiled in any of our pictures while at the orphanage so that now you cannot wipe the grin off his face. Hers is a joy in seeing him grow, learn and develop along with the chance to see the world through him. Her healing is in a constant purpose in her life in being his MaMa, his play toy, his climbing tree and teacher.

She has also found healing in her community and her ability to help others who are waiting. We both have found purpose in being a resource to the those waiting and my father has so rightly told us that this is a new ministry for us. I have the joy of watching them both and being a BaBa. I cannot express the feeling to come home and have him jump up and down telling the world that BaBa is home. He has been the answer to an unspoken prayer we both had and thought would not be fulfilled. God’s timing is perfect and ours is not.

I also read what Christy who mentored us through the process had written about blessings in their lives. Her advice to fill out a MCC (Medical Conditions Checklist) was instrumental in getting our son matched with his parents and thus completing our family. Reading what she posted spurred me to write about last year’s temporary roadblock.

I wanted to look back at where we were to see how far we had come in order to truly appreciate the blessings that we have now. Had we concentrated on the uncertainty, worry and wait, we might have the blessings that occurred as we grew in faith during our wait on God’s timing.

To the many friends in our adoption community, each and everyone of you is a true blessing to us. We could not have managed this roadblock without your support, friendship and love. Each of you knows our story and while there were some really tough moments during the wait, each of you at some point helped ease those moments. We can only say thank you and pray that we can be used to “pay it forward” in some small way to someone who is in need.

Here is what I wrote some friends in an email — China has requested Kim’s medications for bi-polar. I took off Thursday after spending Wednesday afternoon on the phone and preparing a letter for her Doctor. It is great to have a wonderful support system. I drafted the letter and then we both went to the agency for review and revision. From the agency, we went to the Doctor’s office to ask if he would sign it.

We listed only the 2 medications directly prescribed for her bi-polar. We did not list any other medications which are either taken as needed or for her closed head injury or that help balance any side effects of her 2 primary medications. I called her former Doctor in Ithaca NY to consult him and this was his advice to list only 2. I then worked on making the letter strong and warm/fuzzy in support of her and our adoption.

The founder of our agency is a Chinese Woman and attorney. She proofed the letter along with another dossier specialist at the agency and suggested no changes to our draft. We then went to the Doctor’s office and spoke first with his nurse who is Asian. I showed her Sheridan’s picture and you could see in her face the reaction. We then met with her Doctor, who has seen Kim only 1 year and just for quarterly med checks. Her Doctor also was warmed by the picture and told us he would not stand in the way of us doing a good deed.

So with this done on Thursday, we breathed easier. MaMa dropped off the letter in final form on Monday on a flash drive and picked it up signed on letterhead that afternoon. It was then faxed to Colorado and then Colorado faxed to the agent in China for translation and delivery. The original was Fedexed to Colorado on Monday and then onto to China. So the wait begins again as of this Tuesday 4/24/07. At least we are in the Review Room and was once approved, we get a Letter of Authorization and then Travel Approval.

Keep us in your prayers as we pass the last test with the updated information. I cannot believe that God has brought us this far only to have us turned down. I really cannot think of how devastating this would be. I can only look on the positive and focus on the Letter of Authorization known as the LOA which is our approval.

Just wanted you to be updated and keep us in your prayers for our final approval.

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SpecialK Says:

6 May 2008 at 9:03 am.

I remember when you went through this. You were strong throughout it, even though we knew your hearts were breaking. You are wonderful parents to Sheridan and I’m so glad the CCAA recognized that!

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