11 March 2008

Friday and Friends

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This was a busy busy week. Much to be done in preparation for the weekend. I worked on grading all week to complete the high school grading. It is nice to be caught up, if only for a moment. I also worked to complete all of the grading at the University as the date to drop the class was on Monday the 10th and I wanted all grades posted by the end of the week.

It was spring break at the University so this helped with the time to complete the tasks on the infamous To Do list. MaMa, Sheridan and I worked to clean the house. Our main project was to get it straight. We had to convert the “Throw everything in here and close the door quickly room” back into a bedroom. We don’t have out of town company much as so this room had turned into a room of requirement — the requirement was that you threw it in there when you needed to clean. We worked to get the house straight, vacuumed and everything put in its place. We were also completing the spring cleaning from Feb. where we were finding some new places for things.

We picked up the bed on Thursday to make the room truly a bedroom again. We do anticipate having more guests in the future. We thought that we had a bed frame, but did not and so had to setup the mattress on the floor. In the near future, I will get this issue fixed. I completed the grading on Friday so that I would not have any homework over the weekend. I was so glad to have completed the task so that I could enjoy a weekend at home with friends.

This was First Friday weekend and also would be Micah’s First First Friday. Sheridan was looking forward to actually having Micah awake this time when he saw him. He was so tired at the Airport last week. Karen, Bruce, Micah and Libby came up earlier in the day and were staying overnight so that we could spend time together and let the guys get to know each other. This process worked really well. It was like the little guys had always been play buddies. They share a common love of Elmo, but they are also all boy all the time. It was great watching them play together.


We enjoyed going to dinner with some of the regulars and then on to First Friday where we would hear Hal Runkel talk to us about Scream Free Parenting. His message was really timely, but once again the best part of the evening is the renewal of friendships within our adoption community. This has become a launching point for many friendship for all three of us and we are so blessed to have this group of folks. I took pictures during the night and will be sending them to Susan to post on the First Friday website.


After First Friday, we returned home to enjoy the night and next day with Bruce, Karen, Micah and of course Libby. We got to talk to Bruce after we got home as Karen took first shift with Micah. Micah is having trouble sleeping and this is a problem for all of the family. They are adjusting to being a trio and a regular sleep time is an area that needs refinement. We caught up on their trip and experiences since returning home. We talked about sleep and other adjustments that come about with returning home and resuming your life. Then it was Bruce’s turn to go up for a sleep shift and we talked to Karen about many of the same things.

Micah slept through the night. YEAH. IT was a restful night for all of us and then in the morning the girls went shopping. It was good for MaMa and Karen to get some time together to run errands and pick up some needed items. Bruce, Sheridan, Micah, Rainbow, Libby and I were left at home. I did potty trips with Sheridan in between the guys playing catch, playing with Elmo and me doing some spins with each of the guys. I got a chance to make lunch for everyone and hold down the fort while both of the girls were out. I even made cookies for all of us. The girls got back after lunch and we got a chance to spend some more time enjoying a chance to chat and watch the little guys play. All too soon it was time to say our goodbyes for this visit. Hopefully the first of many of these visits.

We are so glad to have been able to follow the trip of our friends to get Micah and be with them in spirit through the journey. This is certainly the end of the beginning of their journey and we look forward to enjoying their friendship over the years as the boys grow up together. Thanks for spending the day with us and enjoying the joy of the two guys getting to know each other and playing with Elmo together.

Enjoy the pictures of the little guys together:


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amy Says:

11 March 2008 at 8:13 am.

Those guys look great together..Keep posting. I love the updates and learning from your experiences.

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