17 May 2007

25 years and counting

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Today is Mama and Baba’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. A quarter century of life merged together.

25th Anniversary Shot

1982 — 2 years into the best President of our lifetime, Ronald Reagan’s first term. We were experiencing a rebirth and recovery from the humiliation and dire 4 years of the incompetent Peanut Farmer and the absolute worst President of all time, Jimmy Carter.

  • The British beat the Argentines in a short war over the Falkland Islands.
  • I won a trivia contest on a radio station when I guessed Prince Charles (forgot the question) — Prize 2 movie tickets (Clash of the Titans)
  • Princess Grace, 52, dies of injuries when car plunges off mountain road; daughter Stephanie, 17, suffers serious injuries (Sept. 14).
  • John W. Hinckley, Jr. found not guilty because of insanity in shooting of President Reagan (June 21).
  • Oscar winner: Ghandi
  • E.T. tops the box office with $310 million in ticket sales.
  • Movies Released: E.T., Pink Floyd’s The Wall, An Officer And A Gentleman, Tootsie, 48 Hrs., Diner, and Poltergeist
  • Most popular TV show: 60 Minutes
  • March of 1982 brings us a new television company called Home Box Office (HBO)
  • Late Night with David Letterman premieres in February
  • St. Elsewhere debuts, giving Denzel Washington his acting start
  • Fast Times At Ridgemont High gives us such future celebs as Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Forest Whitaker, Nicholas Cage and Phoebe Cates.
  • Liposuction debuts
  • Trivial Pursuit is the hot board game
  • Yale University announces it will offer a 14-week course on mastering the Rubik’s cube
  • Atari introduces home version of Pac Man
  • First issue of USA Today hits the newsstands.
  • Rocky III hits the theaters and gives rock band Survivor their only hit with “Eye Of The Tiger”
  • Tylenol scare kills 7 people, spawning childproof bottles.
  • John Belushi found dead from drug overdose.

So much for the trivia for 1982.

We went to a Japanese Steak House for dinner and had a really nice meal. We even stumbled into the early bird pricing as we went right after school. The food was good and so were the portions. The chef was Mexican, but he did a nice job. We then walked around the mall and window shopped. We remembered why we don’t often go to the mall. We came back home and had a nice time watching CSI and then an early bedtime.

Well, that reads live a trivia contest followed by a newspaper story. What does 25 years really mean? A quarter century of memories and journeys together —

  • Living in Downtown Atlanta near the Fox Theater
  • Living with my parents
  • Our first house near Grant Park
  • College Graduation
  • Bread Trucks
  • Moving to Tallahassee
  • Seeing the Panhandle while photographing churches and church goers
  • Back home to train to teach
  • Moving to Miami to teach
  • One truck, tennis, badminton, MaMa’s in college
  • A popup camper trip from Miami to San Francisco
  • Co-op teacher and Freddy
  • Job cutbacks and move to North Florida
  • Middle school and North Florida
  • Back Home
  • Teaching, teaching, teaching
  • School changes, back to College
  • Mama’s head injury
  • Olympics and Freddy
  • Graduation, again
  • Green cards, Family and Grandchildren
  • Specialist Degrees for both and Freddy graduates
  • AJC Honor Teacher
  • December 7 1999
  • Illness, hard times, recovery
  • First Cruise, Seattle, Vancouver, and Alaska
  • Time to travel and live in the moment
  • Travel to Ireland
  • Summer in Europe — Edinburgh, London, Vatican, Coliseum, Parthenon, to name a few highlights while cruising the Mediterranean
  • Egypt — Land of the Pharoahs — Great Pyramid, Sphynx, Luxor, Abul Simbel, Cairo, Alexandria, Cruising the Nile, Valley of the Kings, King Tut
  • Summer in Europe — Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Morroco. 10 days on the Golden on the Northern European Capitals, 10 days on the Galaxy in the Eastern Med. Wonderful sunset on Mykonos, Istanbul and Ephesus with Kagan (our guide), 15 days on a bus all over Spain, Portugal and Morroco, the soque (Market) in Marakesh.
  • Move to another school (less than 5 miles from home)
  • China, Pearl Market, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Xian and the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Great Wall on July 4th, cruise on the Yangtze River, Wuhan (meeting adopting families), Nanjing, Shanghai
  • College Business Teacher of the Year
  • Our adoption journey starts after we return home and this brings us to this blog
  • What a long list, but it is only a short start on the many, many memories of 25 years.

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