28 January 2008

Congratulations — 9.5 pounds

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Nine and a half pounds. Just the right wait for a bouncing baby boy. However our bouncing boy (who just ran past) is 34 pounds.

Notice I used wait instead of weight.

So what is 9.5 pounds?

His paperwork.

This last week, I also finished the paperwork for Sheridan. I completed the court re-filing for his re-adoption. I cataloged all of his files and placed them in a storage tote with handle (pictures are at the end). There is so much paperwork to do when adopting. Papers for application, dossier, fingerprinting, USCIS, homestudy, homestudy addendum, referral packet, waiting support, travel packets I & II, and required travel documents. Once home, there is social security, medical, re-adoption, recovering original documents from USCIS, and passports (Chinese and US). Of course there is the file folder with expenses on it which has every receipt in it so you can file for your tax refund.

Needless to say there is quite a few papers that have to be managed. My advice as to working with the papers comes from Cristy — get a scanner, copier and printer combo device. It will help keep you from running to the office supply store for copies. I would add that get a big file carry tote. Label everything and keep it organized. This will help manage the process. Don’t be put off with the amount of paper. It is like the old saying — How do you eat an Elephant when it is so big — One bite at a time. You do adoption paperwork one document at a time with many many checklists.

Well we are almost at the end of our paperwork. Once the re-adoption has been heard, we will be done. I finished completing two other re-adoption filings this week as well so that we can keep the lawyers out of our pockets.

Adoption Binder CaseAdoption Papers

Paperwork — Reams and Reams,
Emotions — All Over the Place,
International Adoption — A Wild Ride not for the Faint Hearted,
Results — Sheridan’s Smile (PRICELESS).

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