27 December 2007

Dan’s Surprise Birthday

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Today is Dan’s 60th Birthday.   It was a surprise party out on the other side of town.  Before tonight’s party we had a playdate with Donna and Crew followed by an overdue haircut for Sheridan and I.

MaMa, Sheridan and I got ready to go in the afternoon after spending time with Donna and Crew at Gymboree.  We had a play date in the morning and then lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  It was aquick lunch as Sheridan and I had an appointment for overdue haircuts.  He decided to sit in my lap to see what they were doing while my hair was washed.  He watched as my hair was cut and then came his turn.  Even after watching, the little guy did not like having his haircut.   He did a little better when he sat in MaMa’s lap, but not much better.  Oh well, we learned to have his sit a lap to start with next time.

On the way to the surprise party, we stopped by one of his Godfather’s family business.  I sat on the floor with Sheridan playing with polished rocks while MaMa spoke with Eddie about some earings that he is designing for her.  We completed our visit and continued the journey to the other side of town.  We made the trip with only a little problem — finding Sheridan something to eat. 

 We arrived a little early and then waited.  Dan was surprised when he arrived.  Dan is our daughter’s father-in-law.  I perched myself just near the door to catch his reaction as he arrived.  We got to spend a great evening as he celebrated his birthday with his wife Linda and sons — Joel and Chad.  Chad’s wife, Lisa, and daughter Parker were also there.  Parker is only a couple of weeks younger than Sheridan and they got a chance to play.  Sheridan really enjoyed the community band who played live music.  He showed his apprectiation by dancing to each tune.  A good time was had by all.  Enjoy the photos below.




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