24 December 2007

1st Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve 2007 —

We met Donna, CJ, Caleb, Travis and Shelby for breakfast at McDonald’s so the kids could play. We were delivering one of the pound cakes made yesterday. The kids played and we had a good time visiting. We left McDonald’s and went to Babies R Us to look at car seats. We found out that our seat had another setting for the shoulder straps and so we did not need to buy another car seat. We had just started to wonder if this was what made the last couple of days in the car seat so bad. Another short stop to the bookstore and we were headed home. Just enough time for a short nap and then off to church. We made it with a little time to spare.

It was the first family service that we had attended. In the past few years, I worked as a Christian Education Director at another church and so would be at their family service and then at our 11:00 service. They had the children carry in the manager figurines and stayed up front while the nativity story was read. He was really interested in the little girl that was reading. He really concentrated on the words and I was overcome with their true meaning this year. It was a special moment. The children stayed up through the sermon and I sat up front with him during this entire time. He was really quiet and observant of all that was going on around him. We got to see a dear friend who has not been at church in some time because of her health. It was great to see her and we will visit her over the holidays. It was the first time that she had met Sheridan. She had so looked forward to his arrival.

Tonight after church, I played around with some of the movie tools on the computer. I also took some pictures of Sheridan which I will get to post tomorrow after he sees that Santa has come to visit him. He left out cheese and mandarin orange for Santa and a special drink along with rice cakes for the reindeer. He sampled the rice cakes. He loves those things. I waited up for Santa and did a few things in preparation for his visit. We will post photos tomorrow, but enjoy the short movies.

Here is the first one — courtesy of Office Max — Elf yourself. We are all dancing to music.

Our Household Elves dancing to music.

Jib Jab has a better interface and is fun to use.

Don’t send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

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