22 December 2007

Restful Day

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Today, we rested after the shopping trips the last two days. We made a trip to the bank, two other shops and the Walmart. We picked up a copy of The Elf on the Shelf for next year. Thanks to the Evans family for writing about this idea.

We rested today just taking it easy.

I think back on recent developments:

  • Speech is coming along well.
  • All done is the favorite phrase.
  • This week he has learned to respond to the question “What is your name?” with Sheridan.
  • He will point to himself and say Sheridan.
    He will now say sentences such as Sheridan eat, Sheridan down.
  • He is not just parroting sentences – Sheridan said that Rainbow is a great dog. We have only said she is a good girl.
  • He often asks for More. More food. More music. More Kisses.
  • He will tell you stop it when being tickled and then turn around and say More.
  • He will often tell you — Sheridan no nap. Yet he will nap and needs to.
  • When he is tired of something — ALL DONE.
  • He uses the “I need to be taller” device known as a stool and carries it with him to where he needs it.
  • He wants to be involved in what you are doing — dishes, cooking, cleaning.
  • He is quite helpful — being able to get some things vaccumed up as he picks it up on his own. (Of course we have to vaccum behind him.
  • He problem solves — today he gave Rainbow her cookie all on his own. He got the “I need to be taller” device and moved it over to the desk, opened the treat jar. Got out the treat. Called her over and gave it to her.
  • He is learning to play on his own.
  • He actually told MaMa all done with food left on the plate and he really meant it.
  • He smiles and enjoys life.
  • He put our hands together so that we held hands and then ran off ahead of us to explore.
  • He is fun to live with.
  • He makes our lives full and keeps us busy and tired.

MaMa did spook him. There was a statue of a girl and two dogs. He went to pet the statue and MaMa barked. He jumped. We laughed and shortly he laughed. Many people watching this rolled and MaMa almost had a bladder control problem from laughing so hard.


One Comment so far...

Donna Says:

23 December 2007 at 6:24 pm.

He is getting to be such a big boy. Thanks for sharing all the info. I just love hearing about my favorite boy!

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