8 December 2007

Church Dinner Group Night

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Last night the three of us went to our foyer dinner group through our church. Before dinner, I repaired the handle on the front storm door. Repaired is not really the correct term as I really replaced the handle on the door. I said “dam it” when it did not go in and then of course my little helper parroted that back. What an awful BaBa I am. I really have been on my best behavior and trying not to get angry or let the blue words out. Ah well, I did not make a big deal of it and certainly did not repeat the word again. Maybe it will not roll out of his mouth soon.

We had a pretty quiet day all in all yesterday. We were still on the First Friday high and just relaxed at home. Magoo got a nap and in fact woke up early. I got him and put him back to bed as MaMa was still resting. He got up a second time later and then I had a helper when MaMa was still napping.

He helped me go through the mail as he loves to get the mail each day when I get home. He will say Mail Mail and we go to the mailbox. Thanks for the junk mail so I have mail to give him. I hold him up to open the box. He has just recently turned this into a game of closing the lid before I can get my hand in and then laughing with delight. Ah the joys of being a toddler. He will then run with his piece of mail screaming MaMa Mail several times. You just got love it. These are the joys that I knew nothing of before parenting a little one. It is so great to get home in the afternoon and have him do the Snoopy happy dance along with Rainbow doing her version of the same thing. MaMa has learned that I have to see the smallest ones first as they are making the most noise. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

We went through all of the older mail and he would take the junk to the trash. I wanted to get the cabinet cleaned before I left tomorrow. I was trying to get things straightened out so that I could check off one more item on the never ending to do list. It was great help to have the little one take the junk to the trash.

We had a lovely evening at dinner. Sheridan ate appetizers like there was no end. He then only ate the rice at dinner. We went home after a good evening of fellowship and I stayed up late to pack.

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Donna Says:

10 December 2007 at 7:19 pm.

I am just loving reading all this great blogging lately!!

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