31 October 2007


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Today was Sheridan’s first Halloween. MaMa had spent the last few days teaching him to say Trick or Treat. She had also worked on getting him use to his dragon costume. We did compromise as he did not like the hood part, but was OK with the rest of the costume.

I had carefully planned for a study night at the university to give the students a work night for their group projects. I finished up at the high school and headed home. We waited around the house for a little while and then went to Publix. Publix (a grocery store) was giving out candy and had a few other special events for the night. Sheridan got to watch a cookie being decorated for him and get his first candy in his bag.

Our little dragon quacked instead of roaring. He sings Old McDonald all the time and loves the Quack, Quack part of the song. So our dragon quacked. Too cute. We left the Publix and went to Nana and Gaga’s house so that they could see their little dragon. We stayed a short time and visited. Gaga opened his first candy bar and he snarfed it up.

Our next stop was to visit our grandkids and our oldest son. We took a few pictures here with Sheridan and the grandkids. They are wonderful and have grown into fine young adults. I am so glad to have been given the job of Grandfather to these awesome kids. I am also proud of our son and daughter-in-law for raising these wonderful kids. This is enough gushing about the family.

We left their house and went home. I went Trick or Treating with Sheridan in the neighborhood. He got so much candy as he is just too cute. He also knows that he is cute and turns on the charm with the ladies. Extra candy for him is the result. I pushed him around in the stroller and we knocked or rang the bell at the houses we visited. We returned home after eating 2 Dum Dum suckers. He then helped MaMa giving out the Frosty certificates to those who visited our house. I think he enjoyed this part the most. Here are a few photos from his first Halloween.

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