3 November 2007

A big trip — Weekend in Savannah

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Our trip to Savannah with Sheridan went well. We only had one short crying episode. We were spending the weekend at the Hyatt and were upgraded to a small suite overlooking the river when we arrived. The view was wonderful. Found the Camera Charger and so we have added some photos.

Sheridan enjoyed watching the ships out the window. He would be with many teachers this weekend including some on the Professional Learning group that had been keeping tabs on his arrival. He did really well with all of the people. He stopped to analyze and take in the large number of people here. As usual, he was soon comfortable with the group. The only hiccup came at dinner on Friday when it was later than his dinner time and he got cranky as he was hungry.

After the sessions today, we went out to see the seafood festival. We walked around River Street and looked at the vendors. It was just a great day. They had boat races on the river this weekend and the night before we got to watch fireworks over the river from our hotel room. This is absolutely the best way to see the fireworks and I thought how cool is this. Tonight he went to dinner at a very expensive restaurant and for two hours he was as perfect as could be. He sat with the adults and ate tuna, crab, beef and asparagus.

After dinner I tucked in the two of them and went to the Kevin Barry’s Irish pub by the river. I sat listening to the live music which was good. He played mostly Trad (Traditional Irish Music). I listened and wrote. I reflected back on our journey to Sheridan as I was working on this for Susan and a book that she is doing. It was a serene place to write and think while entertained with music that stirs my soul.

I will post the finished version after we go over it with Susan and her writer next Tuesday. My good friend Tymm recently did the same thing on his blog. He wrote about his and Laura’s story that led to their pending adoptions. It is amazing to read the story of others and find the common threads in all of our stories. Tymm is a good writer who leaves you wanting to read more. It is sort of like Chocolate, the more you eat, the more you want as it is so good. He finds a way to touch your soul. We are so glad to have them as friends along with so many others in our First Friday community. We missed all of you guys this weekend.

On another short note, we have had a couple phone calls from CJ and Donna in China. They are on the way to adopt their daughter, Shelby. You can follow their journey here. Please keep them in your prayers as they are becoming a forever family with Shelby and their two boys Caleb and Travis. We are thankful for their friendship and for being virtual passengers in their journey.

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amy Says:

4 November 2007 at 1:06 am.

Looking forward to reading your story. We enjoyed FF, but all of you were missed. December is sure to bring more happy tears as Sheridan and Shelby and Sophia will be with us. You talk about the music touching heart but your family has touch ours.

Have a lovely weekend!

God Bless you guys.

Mark and Rebecca Says:

4 November 2007 at 3:35 am.

So glad that your trip has been so memorable. We are reflecting on our journey to Claire as well. Even though we have long to wait, we’ve still been blessed.

Amy, David and Emily Grace Says:

11 November 2007 at 11:16 am.

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I just love Savannah.

Liz Says:

12 November 2007 at 6:39 pm.

Your little dragon is very cute- Quackin me up. Hope all is going well. We are about to go on our first big trip with Michelle and I wonder how she will do with all of the transitioning. Nice to see Sheridan was fine in a hotel room- I was wondering how Michelle will react. Take care and see you soon- Missed you at first Friday.
Liz Dan and Michelle Caixing

Good intervention on that packing of Donna’s a total crack up.
We are minimalist when we travel (my husband) He only allowed us one large bag for all of us and one carry on. It was a lifesaver.

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