14 October 2007

Buried in Work

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Buried in Papers This post is especially for Donna who has the ability to post each and every day (we are glad because we read each day). She was wondering why there was a month between posts. I also realized it is hard to encourage (nag) Tymm to post if we are not posting.

Well this post tells you what has been going on. I returned from China to manage two schools and all of the backlog of papers to grade and work to manage. It was like an avalanche. I had progress reports to get out (twice) for the high school and of course you cannot get these reports out with out grading the papers. I also had the drop date at the university to work against as students need to know how they are progressing in order to make an informed decision whether to stay in the class or not. Add this to the contractor and construction still taking place in the house and you can see we have been busy.

Oh, did I forget that October 15th is the ultimate deadline for the chronically over scheduled who file extensions for their taxes. You must file your taxes by the October 15th or get hit with severe penalties. So add the IRS monster to the list of got to get dones that have firm calendar dates that you must meet and you see what it has been like. We have also been gone most weekends as I try to enjoy time with the family. We are still adjusting to being a trio and it is going well, but it does require creative scheduling.

I am happy to report that:

  • High School grading is all but finished (1 assignment left)
  • High School parent conference requests have been distributed
  • College grades are current and reported to students prior to drop date on 10/11.
  • IRS filing has been completed.
  • Tile floor is finished in our new room at home.
  • Contractor only has the punch list left.
  • Moving in has begun as we get the furniture arranged in the addition.
  • House cleaning and organization will begin next week.
  • Life will return to normal
  • Most important for Donna and Tymm — posts will again be on a regular (less than monthly) basis
You Should have seen my office

One Comment so far...

Donna Says:

14 October 2007 at 8:23 pm.

Thanks for the updates! Just want to make sure I keep tabs up on the cute new kid on the block 😉 Hope your lists get shorter soon.

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