30 August 2007

Faculty Meeting and Night Out at the Mall

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We decided that Thursday night would be a good night to go out and so this was our plan for today. First, I had a faculty meeting at school. We learned about the Cardiac Deliberators that have been placed at the school. The machines are really neat and seem to be easy for anyone to use.

Sheridan got to make an appearance at the Faculty meeting before we got started on the Cardiac program. He got to stand on the stage and everyone got to see Mr. Magoo for the first time. He left with MaMa and had a big grin on his face.

I got home and we went to run errands. Somehow a new gadget was installed in the car while we were in China. This homing device now steers the car on autopilot to Babies RUS. This is the same device that is my truck, but the one on the truck takes it to Home Depot or Lowes. Surprising how this works. We were not really expecting this homing device to put the car’s guidance system into a flat out gallop to the Baby store.

MaMa had already been there once today. It is beginning to feel like a Wal-Mart experience. We can easily make 3 or more trips to our Wal-Mart in a day. We are just magically drawn to Wally’s World. Wallyworld has everything. If it is not at Wallyworld, you probably don’t need it. Now there is another exception to that rule. For everything Baby, go to Babies RUS and for everything home related go to Home Depot or Lowes or both. All other items it is Wallyworld or bust.

We made it to the mall and got the new stroller out of the car. MaMa had to get a new stroller for him earlier today. He was too big for the stroller we had gotten prior to traveling to China. The old stroller would hold up to 50 lbs, but the width and height were just too small to carry Magoo in comfort. So we got a more expensive stroller that was rated for fewer pounds, but was wider and taller. The salesperson said it would hold up to 90lbs, but that it would be too hard to push.

We got out at the mall and inserted Magoo in the stroller and off we went to see the sights. First stop was the food court for dinner for MaMa, BaBa and Magoo. Rice, rice and chicken nuggets were the foods of choice for Magoo. We got Japanese for MaMa and Philly Cheese Steak for BaBa. We then cruised through Sears and up the lower level of the mall after dinner. Time to go home with a tired Magoo from our first Thursday night outing.

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