27 August 2007

Orthopedic Surgeons and Consults

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Sheridan at the Orthopedists  Me, Nervous, no.

Mama got a call early in the day that the pediatrician had made a referral to an orthopedic surgeon to have Sheridan’s wrist examined. The appointment was for later in the day and in Rome, not Italy. Mama needed his medical information and copies of the email about his insurance coverage along with a copy of my driver’s license. She would have to come by school to get these.

The two of them arrived and he made a quick visit to the classroom with the appropriate oohs and ahhs from some of the students. Isn’t he cute? The most reaction is when he went out into the hall. Across from my room is the family and consumer science room and all of the girls along with their teacher cam to the door to see him. One girl tried to speak to him and said hey dude how is it? This brought a quick response to her from the teacher as to that is not how you speak or interact with a two year old. She wants Kim to come to school and talk to her classes about adoption and of course bring Sheridan with her to class. That should be an interesting class.

MaMa and Sheridan left for Rome and arrived early. They went to Arby’s for lunch and according to MaMa, Sheridan ate and ate and ate. He had his whole meal and most of hers. The boy has an appetite. They arrived at the Orthopedist and were then asked for the x-rays taken last week. MaMa had asked about getting these prior to going to the appointment and was assured that they were faxed over. They were faxed over, but they wanted to see the originals. To make a long story short, new x-rays were taken. Sheridan was good as gold for this. It was easy to do the x-rays and he knows to hold still while they are done.

The x-rays were examined and the doctor also looked at Sheridan’s wrist. The bones were growing normally and there was no problem with their formation or growth. This is the best possible news we could have hoped for. He does not want to do any type of surgery at this time. He warned that early surgery would correct the problem could but it could reoccur. He said that this could be extra cell growth under the skin or extra growth of the skin itself. He said to see him again in February. He wanted to be called if the mass grew or if the color changed.

This was great news and the best of all possible news that we could hope for. We were looking to have surgery during Thanksgiving week as I would be off during that time. Now we can enjoy the holiday together without a stay at the hospital. Yippee.!!!!

2 Comments so far...

amy Says:

5 September 2007 at 10:34 am.

That is just awesome news!

Donna Says:

6 September 2007 at 3:02 pm.

Sounds like some prayers have definately been answered! Looking forward to finally seeing him tomorrow!

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