25 August 2007

Meet the Cousins and the Family

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There are first everyday for Sheridan. Some firsts are bigger than others of course. Today was one of those bigger firsts. Sheridan went to his first family dinner at Ganpy and Nana’s house. He would be meeting his cousins, his niece and nephew. He would also meet his brother and sister-in-law. His older brother is many years older than he is with a family of his own, but that makes him an Uncle to our Number One Son’s children even though they are older than him. Interesting how this works.

Anyway, we arrived first at Granpy and Nana’s house. This was good so that he could get used to each new arrival as they appeared. Each new arrival brought a small period of contemplation as he took in each new face and new person. The longer the evening went the more he came out of his contemplation and began to interact with the others there. Our real question would be how he would fit in when the war broke out.

Ware breaks out every time the kids get together for family dinner. This is one large game of shoot each other with the assembled arsenal of noisemaking firearms. They hunt in packs and shoot everyone in sight. We all die when shot with appropriate drama. The question was how a 27 month old would interact with a 4 year old, three around 7 years old and a ten year old and a 13 year old. We were a little nervous about the playtime with all of the kids. There were no problems. He soon was shooting others like everyone else. He has not quite got the hang of it, but that will come. He takes the gun and stabs it at you and then you produce the appropriate dramatic death. He laughs and enjoyed the whole night.

It was a good night and the first of many family dinners. This is a tradition that Nana started to get the family together each month for dinner to celebrate birthdays and special events. This night was for Mama’s birthday and for Sheridan’s coming home. Thanks Nana.

Sheridan and Thomas the Train  Sheridan plays with Aunt Beanie  Chad joins the game  Sheridan plays at Granpy’s House

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