23 August 2007

Check-ups and a Quart of Blood

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Slowly, we are getting adjusted to the time change and the new patterns of our lives together as 3. Our family dynamics changed dramatically with the addition of Mr. Magoo (one of the pet names that have stuck with him). His other pet name in China was the little emperor. This seems to have only been for the trip and not a keeper. I don’t know why Mr. Magoo has stuck. It is not that he physically reminds us of the cartoon guy with the big glasses or how the cartoon was a little on the clumsy side. I think that it has a certain ring to it and that he is always discovering new things unexpectedly. This is something the cartoon guy did when he had his glasses on correctly and that look of surprise when he discovered the newness of his reality. Oh well, that is the best explanation that I can come up with.

He continues to want to feed himself. He has the general idea of how to do this, but has not yet the ability. However, he is a very quick learner and so he will master this before you know it. Today is a bigger day than yesterday. Yesterday, he and MaMa went off to a consignment sale on the other side of town. Before the trip, he and MaMa came by school and he ran up and down the hallway making a clicking noise. The kids were eager to see him along with many people that I work with at school.

In the process of going to the consignment sale, they went by CCAI, our agency, to drop off paperwork from China. He got to visit with the office staff and did well. He had a day full of adventures this day.

Pediatrician Visit

Today, he went to the pediatrician for his first checkup. MaMa and he drove to the office while I met them there. I left school early to make it to the appointment. He did really well and charmed all the nurses and staff with his grin. We had his doctor document his Mongolian Spots so that it is on record and will not be confused with bruises. He gave him a clean bill of health. It is nice to go to a smaller practice where you are seen by someone who “knows” you and not by the doc of the day. Our pediatrician works with two nurse practitioners in a small office. There is also a smaller medical center (hospital) in the town. Sheridan got the first 4 immunizations and then we were off to the hospital.

Cartersville Medical Center

At the hospital (medical center — though I call it a hospital), he had to have blood drawn and x-rays of his wrist. The x-rays were going to see how the bones were developing in his right hand and wrist. This would help in determining when and who would do surgery on him for the excess growth of cells on the right wrist. He held his arm really still for the x-rays. It seems that he has done this before back in China from the way he behaved. He also did well while the blood was drawn. In fact he did not cry until the needle was removed. A braver guy than me. I just don’t like shots or blood work.

They did not take this much, but it seemed like it. Blood Work

We left the small town and dropped off the car before eating out. We were pushing our luck as he had a busy day, but we were hungry. He did have a small meltdown at the restaurant, but MaMa took him outside and he pulled it back together. We are noticing that his temper tantrums are lessening in both duration and frequency. Hallelujah!!!!!! We got home and had another hard night with bedtime. It will improve over time.

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Amy Says:

29 August 2007 at 12:43 am.

I cant wait to spend time with all of you. Im glad the adjustment seems to be going well. I love the picture of Sheridan sleeping and what appears to be Rainbow watching him

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