14 August 2007

Travel Day 14 — Lazy Day and Red Couch Photo in Guangzhou

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We had a lazy day in Guangzhou today. We started as usual with breakfast at the buffet in the White Swan. We then went out to stretch our legs, pick-up laundry and drop off a few donations to the A Gift from China orphanage store. We saw Lucy and picked up laundry and dropped off more laundry. We also ordered two stamps as gifts. I checked on my etching and it was coming along really well. I picked it up on Wednesday and it was gorgeous. It is much larger than the one done in Shanghai and is colored. It had a lot more time spent creating it than the two hours we had in Shanghai. Well back to today’s story.

We shopped at Lucy’s for an outfit for Sheridan, but really did not find anything. So, we are going to use the jacket we bought at A Gift from China yesterday for his red couch photo. We got back to the room after dropping off the first of two donations we would make to the A Gift from China Charity store. We left the medication that we bought with them. On Friday, we will leave the stacking blocks and a few other toys and items with them.

It was now time for the red couch photo. We all arrived and started to get the kiddos in the right spot. I got a shot of Belinda and Mary Audrey and then of them with the Halls. Anne Elizabeth is the lady who brought the bells for us from Wuhan. I shot about thirty photos and have posted two. So many folks shooting pictures as this is the quintessential adoption photo. What will replace the red couch when the White Swan closes in December for a year long renovation? Inquiring minds want to know, but I have been unable to discover the answer.

I also had a mission to secure 5 White Swan wash clothes with the Swan embedded in the towels. There is a little girl in Georgia that uses these as her luvee. Well operation Terry Cloth Swan was completed with success. The luvees will soon be in the mail to this little girl.

We went out window shopping and got caught in a downpour. Sheridan was not happy being rained on and started screaming. He actually was sheltered by the sun shade on his stroller (chariot) and the cap on his head. MaMa and Sheridan got bathed and cleaned up while I went back out with an umbrella for takeout from Lucy’s. We all went down to Ms. Belinda’s room for dinner and playtime. You can see Mary Audrey’s gymnastics on her Auntie below.

Working on Etching  Belinda & Mary Audrey  Belinda, Mary Audrey & the Halls  Red Couch Setup  Best of 30 Red Couch Photos  Sheridan on the Red Couch  The Bush-Resko Family  Outside view from White Swan 1  Outside view from White Swan 2  Outside view from White Swan 3  Outside view from White Swan 4


Mary Audrey played with Auntie like she was a trampoline. Here are a couple of photos from the bouncing session. Notice how she sticks the landing like Mary Lou Retton.

Mary Audrey Bounces on AuntieMary Audrey sticks the Landing  



2 Comments so far...

amy Says:

14 August 2007 at 9:40 pm.

You know I live pics..THese are awesome!

Donna Says:

15 August 2007 at 7:49 am.

Can’t wait to hear about your last couple of days. Sheridan looks so comfortable with you guys now!

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