12 August 2007

Travel Day 12 — Guangzhou

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This is kind of a light post today. Not much happening here except that we got to do paperwork in the morning in preparation for the consulate appointment on Wednesday. The paperwork will be delivered to the embassy on Tuesday. The day started with a wonderful breakfast here at the White Swan hotel. The White Swan is famous in the adoption community as just about all of the agencies use it for their families as they wait for their U.S. Consulate appointments. We are now in the majority at the hotel as you see many tables with adopted children. Some tables have multiple adopted children (those children that are accompanying their family) as they add a new sister or brother to their family.
While we did paperwork, Kim kept Mary Audrey and Sheridan in the playroom here at the hotel. She stayed with them and kept them occupied. They had a great time. We finished the paperwork and paid the overpriced government fee for a visa for him. His visa was almost X times (the x represent a secret multiplying factor by the US Government) more expensive than our visa to go to China. Alas, it is a monopoly.
Kim and Sheridan napped for about two hours after their playtime. We took a long walk around several blocks exploring the area this afternoon before dinner. It was a nice walk, but the humidity is really high and the weather is HOT.
The evening passed with Sheridan playing in the room and I got him rice for dinner. Kim and I ordered food from one of the delivery places. I worked on editing the waiting family photos and all other photos shot at the orphanage while we watched Poseidon on HBO. I got the first of 4 albums uploaded for the Nanjing group. I will upload the rest on Monday. I wrote the post For Whom the Bell Tolls today as well. I am off to bed tonight on Monday and am one day behind in blogging. On Tuesday, we have to stay in the room to await any calls about the consulate paperwork so I will catch up then.
Before I go, we found the most hilarious commercial that is playing over and over on the Chinese Channel that is showing old American TV. It is for lifts that are built into shoes to make you magically taller. They are showing how these people are instantly taller and the high fashion of their shoes with the built in lifts. Isn’t that a hoot? Who would buy that crap? The shoes are 10 times (the censor approved this one reference to pricing) more expensive than normal shoes. Shoes are cheap and about 50 RMB to 100 RMB ($6 to $12). The cheapest of these funny shoes are 599 RMB or $45. The ban on price allusions and cost references is now back in force for the rest of the blog entries.

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Donna Says:

14 August 2007 at 9:01 am.

Is it just me or does that kid get cuter and cuter by the day?!!

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