6 April 2007

Good Friday and Good Friends

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Starbucks, a place that non-coffee drinkers rarely frequent, but a good place to meet a friend. They have tea and the correct brand TAO brand and flavor that I like. So not to worry about having nothing to drink. Mama had a Carmel Machiato large (I don’t know their word for large) something or other that she orders occasionally when we do visit them. It was not about the drinks, but about a good friend, her family and our sharing time together.

We had a wonderful pediatrician picked out for Sheridan. We found out a couple of weeks ago that he has a brain tumor and the prognosis is not good. After meeting with our friend today, we are hopefully on the way to finding a new pediatrician. The office was closed today due to Good Friday, but I will call the office again on Monday.

We came home to find that one of the Yahoo group members has posted photos from her recent trip. The nannies were thrilled to get the items she brought for the kids and to learn that each of the 13 on her list had a family. They rushed to get the kids for photos and some of the little ones are a little surprised or cranky in the shots, but there are new pictures. Boy has Sheridan grown. What a wonderful surprise today to get the photos on this Good Friday.

We got two new photos of him. You can see in his hands is his photo book that was hand delivered to him by the angel on our yahoo group. This is proof that he, and more importantly his nannies, know that he has a family. WHOOPEE.

The other blessing is that we now know that Sheridan knows he has a family. The nannies will show him the photos of us (Chinese names on each photo), his much older brother, his niece and nephew (our grandkids), Rainbow (dear dog), and my parents. He will get to know us through the photos and the nannies will prepare him for our arrival.

I took a break from the painting today. We are going to our First Friday community group tonight. We can share his blog address and show off our two new pictures. We hope for a few more next week as another yahoo group member is now in China to get their daughter on Monday.

Sheridan (3-19-07) Sheridan (3-19-07)
Sheridan 03-19-07 – Surprised as he gets his photo book (right corner). Sheridan Clutching his Forever Family Photo Book.

SURPRISE! Two more photos published today on the Yahoo group from a trip in Feb 2007.

Sheridan and Nanny on 2/8/07 Sheridan on 2/8/07
Sheridan and Nanny on 2/8/7 Sheridan on 2/8/07

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