7 August 2007

Travel Day 7 — Adoption Day!!!

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I am glad to report that Sheridan slept through the night. We had an eventful day today when we went back to the Civil Affairs office. Today was the signing of the official adoption paperwork and notarizing these documents. We had a small problem as when we tried to exit the coach, Sheridan was caught. He had gotten his shorts caught in a grate near the seat. We had to take the shorts off for me to free them. We carried the boy into the building without his shorts and got him quickly reunited with his pants.

This was also the day that you paid for each of these services and made your required orphanage donation fee. It was not a hard process and soon all five families had done with the required paperwork.

We then went to a shopping center or department store. Here we bought some food and got a stroller. We got outside in the heat as we exited the wrong way and arrived on street level instead of the garage level. We found our way to the correct spot and boarded the coach for the hotel.

We went up to the room for a nap and a little work on the web. I did get all of the photos laid out in table form and the extra photos from yesterday uploaded. After the nap, we journeyed out to get shoes. We put Sheridan in the stroller and he started getting more upset. Soon his lungs trumpeted their dislike of the new arrangement. When MaMa came over to hold his hand, he settled down. We journeyed off in the heat. He did not like the first pair and was not really happy to try on new shoes. We got him a pair of closed toes sandals. Later we saw another shop and bought another pair of sandals that light when he walks. He had settled into the stroller business by this point.

We continued the stroll to the grocery store for some juice. We discovered the Zhan Yuan Gardens on the walk. We stopped and visited the gardens. Sheridan entertained him the stroller by looking at two leaves and rocking back and forth. We enjoyed seeing the fish and the pond at the gardens. We continued the walk till we got back to the hotel.

When we arrived, I got some lunch at the BK and it was time for a hall party. We all sat in the hall and talked while the kids played. Kelly and Al arrived from the US today. They had just gotten their son, John Jacob. They are not with our agency, but live only 15 minutes form one of group.

The night finished with dinner at BK, a bath, some play time and bedtime.

Tomorrow, we are free in the morning. At 2pm, we will be going with 2 other families to visit the Social Welfare Institute. We will also be going to see and photograph each of the child’s finding spots.

More news tomorrow from Nanjing.

Here are the pictures from today.
Sheridan’s 1st Breakfast Buffett
Civil Affairs Registration Paperwork
Registration and Notarization and he is officially our son.
Finishing signatures and the adoption is final
Zhan Yuan Garden 1
Zhan Yuan Garden 2
Zhan Yuan Garden 3
Zhan Yuan Garden 4
Zhan Yuan Garden 5
Zhan Yuan Garden 6
Zhan Yuan Garden 7
Hall Party 1
Hall Party 2
Hall Party 3

5 Comments so far...

Donna Says:

7 August 2007 at 8:20 am.

Thanks for sharing all the pics. I can’t wait to see him in person.
Looks like you guys are doing well!

amy Says:

7 August 2007 at 8:52 am.

Not only is this an encouragment to those of us waiting, its so nice to see friends with a beautiful child

Nicole Davis Says:

7 August 2007 at 2:38 pm.

You were missed at Stone Mountain Saurday…..were you busy? I love seeing the pictures it is still so fresh in our minds only be back 8 weeks. Check out the shopping behing the hotel-we found great deals for shoes and clothes for boys. Have a safe journey home.
CCAI Atlanta
Thomas and McKenna Davis

Vanessa Says:

7 August 2007 at 3:37 pm.

I can;t believe what a darling he is – absolutely ADORABLE!
Seeing you guys there with him has me checking my cell phone 100 times a day hoping for impending referral!
I hope the visit to the orphanage and finding spots goes well tomorrow; What a very special, emotional day that will be


Mike Elble & Kelly Norwood Says:

7 August 2007 at 7:22 pm.

You guys look like parenting pros! We missed you this weekend, but hopefully we will be able to meet up again sometime soon. The group was already talking about doing another meet-and-greet. Of course, everyone was very understanding of your reason for not being there. Sheridan is such a cutie pie! Hope you guys have a great rest of your trip.

Mike & Kelly
CCAI Jan/Feb DTC Group

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