30 March 2007

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

Posted by MaMa under: The Waiting Game .

Why is waiting for a child so hard? I don’t know, but it is a fact that it will drive you just about crazy. We started our process to adopt a child from China on August 12, 2006. On January 12, 2007 our dossier was off to China. Pretty good time in getting a dossier complete. Most of that time was spent waiting for our home study to be written (1 month) and waiting for USCIS to get us our I-171 (almost 3 months after completion of home study).

DH and I had settled in for a long wait for a referral (timing now is running close to 18- 24 months). We had done our part of the process and now it was time to get on with life. Life was turned upside down when we got a referral for a waiting child from our adoption agency (CCAI -the best agency in the world!). That was on January 29, 2007 – only 17 days from the day our dossier was sent to China! Our agency said we would get travel approval in around 100 days – more or less – just be patient.

DH is having a hard time being patient. He likes to be in control and right now all he can do is sit and wait. He doesn’t like to be rushed when it comes to making arrangements to travel overseas. He is miserable right now.

Today is day 53 of the wait for travel approval. I look at it as we are over the half way mark, on the downhill side of the wait for TA.

Has waiting suddenly become so hard because you have a picture of your child and you are powerless to get him? I think that may be the case. There is a real person half way around the world waiting for his MaMa and BaBa and his forever family. One of the staff at CCAI said this time period is what is the most difficult – from receiving your referral (be it NSN or SN) to getting your TA. I guess we’ve become part of that group of people.

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