31 July 2007

Pre-Travel Day 2

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I made an error in that I thought my final grades were due on Wednesday AM, when in reality it must have been Tuesday AM. Of course I did not find out about this until late in the evening. Kind of like a time bomb surprise. More on this later.

I went to day two of pre-planning with a lot of school ToDo’s to prepare. I was going to get to coordinate with my adjunct instructor and my sub was coming by as well. At least we could talk this out and get some verbal understanding of how to fully use the time I would not be there.

I got most of the documents printed and prepared for the absence. I had syllabi printed, project sheets and instructions ready. It was time to go to the credit union and sign the paperwork for the loan. We went by the house and then took Rainbow to M’s house. We spent a little time there to try to get her settled and from there went shopping. Why shopping you might ask?

From M’s house, we went to Staples and spent the teacher gift card from the state. It was for classroom supplies and must be spent that week or it expires. We got the supplies and back to the house.

I returned home to a flurry of emails and a couple of calls as to why there was an incomplete recorded in the course. I had checked the email earlier in the day, but there was no note about grades being due. I had just gotten it planted in my head that they were due Wednesday when in fact they opened last Wednesday. At least there was a Wednesday in there somewhere.

I finished my gradesheets and sent them by email to the registrar. I apologized profusely to my students, the registrar and anyone else who I could think of apologizing to. It was my error and unlike me, but my mind has been racing with details of what had to be done, in what order, was this item on the list and was it now completed.

I finished the lesson plans for the two weeks that I will be gone along with the last couple of documents at 3:00am. Boy am I glad for the flight change, as on the original itinerary we would be leaving for the airport about this time.

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