30 July 2007

Pre-Travel Day 1

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Well I have been too busy to write with the whirlwind of trying to get ready to go, finishing teaching at the University and starting to plan for the high school for the new year. So this is kind of a catch-up series of blog entries.

Monday was spent in one all day meeting with several short breaks. Lunch was a disaster as we went to a pizza place that was very understaffed and so waited longer than needed and left with cold take out. I did not get to eat until 3:30. Therefore as you can tell I did not much got accomplished today.

So let me list the one item I accomplished during the meeting. I got all of the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows loaded and ready for the iPod. I also was able to get some of the materials that I needed to start the year and for the sub ready. I did find out that our state grant for adoption expenses was approved. We also found out that the home equity line had been approved for the best rate and it is a fixed rate. So, we can complete the home addition and pay off the retirement loans that I took out as temporary financing.

I also went to the Doctor as the rash on my leg started even before the trip. I did not want to be in the heat without some medication as it would only get worse.

After the doctor’s office, I came home and called Delta. No direct flight to LA had cleared, but a later flight to New Orleans had cleared. So, we were off to Lenox. I had already changed the tickets on the phone, but there was a threat of a change fee and we had paper tickets. So, we would need new tickets and I thought that they wonderful folks at Lenox to issue our tickets and surprise there was no fee, Yippee. I worked late on the computer on grading and document preparation.

I have been told not to mention any prices on this trip so I am going to follow the directions of MaMa and attempt to leave out any allusions to the Price is Right or comments from the Frugal Traveler. We may just say at times that the Frugal Traveler has struck again and leave it at that.

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