28 July 2007

For Your Amusement!

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It has been a crazy week. We plan out each day and then something happens to screw things up. The following is an example of one of our crazy days.

I researched for weeks the many baby carriers that are on the market. Since Sheridan is 30 pounds, the options are few. I finally settled on an Ergo carrier. It arrived in the mail and I opened it on Thursday morning. I put in the instructional DVD and proceeded to experiment with the carrier. BaBa, seeing that I was having difficulties, came to help. We restarted the DVD and put the carrier on BaBa. It fit fine until you realized that you had to fit a 30 pound toddler in it. If you are small to medium size and don’t have a tummy on you, the Ergo is GREAT! However, BaBa has a tummy (as do I) and the tummy plus 30 pounds just wasn’t going to fit into the Ergo. BaBa called the Ergo company, explained our predicament, and were told that they heard about this problem a lot. Apparently, Ergo is looking into some new designs due to this problem.

Since the Ergo wasn’t going to work, it was back to the drawing board. My second choice was a Maya Tie. The only problem was getting one before we leave on Wednesday morning. We finally found a local distributor that had only one in stock. Great!!! However, as anyone who lives in Metro Atlanta knows, local can mean you are in for quite a drive. To get to our Maya Wrap, we had to venture halfway to Athens – a good hour and a half trip from our house! Off we went and in the end, we found the perfect carrier for Sheridan and ourselves.

With all the driving, we wound up losing another scheduled day in our packing/cleaning/planning for China trip.

As for the Ergo, we sold it to Shelby’s mom!!! We saw Donna at the big consignment sale at the Fairgrounds Thursday night, told her our funny story, and lo and behold, she had been wanting to get an Ergo for Shelby. By 10:00PM, there were two very happy families – one with a Maya Tie and one with an Ergo.

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