7 June 2007

Organized Chaos

Posted by BaBa under: Preparations; The Waiting Game .

Email today is being monitored while we work.

Rainbow is Monitoring the Computer while we work.

Since the phone rang from Colorado, life has been a bit of chaos. Earlier that day we had decided to get off of our butts and get moving on with preparations. We made the decision to work on Sheridan’s life book, quilts and to finish the work here at home. If the adoption did not proceed, we would shed our tears, plan a get away trip and then regroup to find another country and start again. I needed to have a plan and to have HOPE.

God provides what you need when you need it. With these decisions in place, we had breakfast and made a trip to Wally World and ran some errands. We got home and since both of us have not slept well and spent too much time on the computer, we were going to take a short nap before getting after the projects. The house is a mess, there are so many parts of the prep that are started with some almost done, but nothing finished. It is a bit overwhelming. Well, the phone rang and we celebrated. We then wrote, called and posted. We went to dinner with my parents and the S word came up. SHOWERS. Another thing to plan for, but one that has been on HOLD along with everything else in our lives. Colorado told us that YES we could with certainty do SHOWERS.

So my mom (Nana) is planning one and MaMa’s best friend is planning one. I get to work on wording the invitations and doing some graphic work today for the showers. These are two of my areas of specialty. I just have to start this morning by fighting two demons, being overwhelmed with needs to be done and getting organized so that I can prioritize tasks (completing some tasks and doing things in order). For example, I need to paint drawer fronts almost immediately so while they are drying I can work on other items and later in the day get 1 to 2 coats of paint on them after the primer drys this morning.

Well, back to the story. Monday, my handheld PDA (Palm LifeDrive) DIED. I am dependent on my gadgets, so I had to wait till Wednesday after teaching to get it replaced. I also got to buy my parents two new computers as I am the geek in the family and known for being extremely frugal. I have a former student who is a manager at one of the big box electronic stores and it was time to go visit him for the handheld and computers. That took the balance of Wednesday after class (5 to 8:30) to complete.

So I sit here and write this morning after checking my mail and thinking about the tasks for the day. I will update this with our progress, but I must say our state of mind is SOO MUCH BETTER after the Tuesday phone call. We can tackle all of the tasks and have now 4 free days (no teaching) to complete the work.

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