13 February 2010

MidWinter Break 2010 Day 1

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Today was the first day of MidWinter Break and we enjoyed not going to Chineses School so there was the opportunity to sleep in. We did not get to sleep in as Magoo got MaMa up early. I got up about 8:30am. Sheridan did tell me that he forgave me for sleeping so much. See he would not get breakfast until I got up. We were making waffles today and he was looking forward to this treat. Our agenda today was to watch movies and relax.

I did fix the kitchen table that had develop a wabble. I tightened the bolts and screws and later had to add a shim. I got lots of help as you can see.

I got up and went out to do some photos around the house of the snow before the melting started. I had two female versions of Flat Stanley that had come in the mail yesterday all the way from Idaho. Sheridan is participating in a Flat Stanley exchange. So we are beginning to document where the Flats are going and what they are doing. Today, they made snow angels, climbed a tree, swung on the mailbox and went down the sliding board out back.

I walked up front to take some photos of the house as it looks lovely with the snow. I then walked around back and down to the creek. I wanted to capture the snow with the waterfall and the back of the house.

I also did a self portrait of my shadow. After that I took Rainbow out for some snow photos. She really does not like the snow, but was a good sport for her photos. In the last photo you have her sneering at me while sitting in front of her heater. I finished off the day by going to return our three Films – Ice Age, Fireproof and Wild Hogs. We enjoyed all three and making a Walmart run. Tomorrow is Valentine’s day along with Chinese New Year. We are going to have a busy day with trips to REI, IKEA, and then off to a museum to see Mummies (which Sheridan has been studying) and then Chinese New Year at the same spot. Should be a great day. Enjoy the photos.

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