12 February 2010

MidWinter Break & Snow 02-12-2010

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MidWinter Break would start at the end of school today and for MidWinter Break we got Winter in the form of Snow. Today we really got SNOW. Not a dusting. Not a white sprinkle, but snow. Sheridan said snow was viscous. He also did not want to go play in the snow. He had said he had enough snow. After over 3 weeks in Minnesota, I guess he had all the snow he wanted. Well he can be forgiven this time. We got over 3 inches which is nothing like Virginia, DC and in the Mid-Atlantic, but it is more than we have had in several years. Global warming is a fraud. This is the coldest winter in years.

I still feel like a little kid when they say the word Snow. I like the idea that the world sort of stops for a short while because of the weather. I still want to cuddle up in front of the fire and watch a movie or two. I want to look at the wonder of God’s beautiful white blanket that has transformed my world into a magical place.

Then there are the kids at school as kids always do when the first flakes fall. Today is the day before our week long Mid-Winter break. So they are ready to leave and on top of that add Snow. It was interesting. Some went out and made a snow man (small size) with a construction helmet on top. Others just looked out the window in anticipation. Yes, they got let out of school an hour early as it was really coming down. So I got to leave school just over an hour early today. I went to the store. There is still a run on milk and bread at the grocery, but we had stocked up on both earlier this week. I came home with M&M’s, videos and some cranberry sauce for the turkey dinner.

I moved the van to top of the cul-de-sac instead of the bottom of our steep driveway. When we had ice last month, it was really difficult to get the van up to the top. I planned ahead to avoid this problem from happening again. I went out before dinner to get a few photos. We are well stocked and in for the weekend. Tomorrow we will watch movies and enjoy the white landscape.

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Rebecca, Mark and Sophia Says:

14 February 2010 at 6:14 am.

What a beautiful gift this snow was! Glad you enjoyed it.

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