9 January 2010

Cold Saturday

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We are still in the deep freeze here. The temperatures are really cold and the ice is melting, but very slowly. We got out today to go to a birthday party at a Jumping place with the indoor inflatables. Sheridan had a great time. We also got a chance to reconnect with Meron and her MaMa. We really have missed these guys. It was like we had seen them yesterday. We had read about their adventures and they had read ours, but it is not the same. We are going to have to make a much better effort of staying connected with those who are special in our lives.

We celebrated the birthdays of Lennah and Delylah at the jumping place. we enjoyed spending time with some friends we have not seen since before the holidays. Sheridan had agreat time at the birthday party jumping and playing at the indoor playpen. He also got to have cake which is always a plus.

After the party, we ran errands and picked up a new camera for MaMa so that it would be easier for her to get the everyday picture that we have missed out on. The camera on the iPhone is OK, but it is a phone and not a camera. So we got a little Canon Elph. Hopefully, you will see more pictures and even a post of two from MaMa in the near future.

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