31 December 2009

Half the Sky – New Year’s Eve Tale

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Once upon a time…actually about a year ago, a little girl was found chilled and alone inside the train station at Harbin, a city in China’s northeast.

MeiYan (Beautiful Swallow) was about 5 years-old. She had spina bifida and could not walk. She didn’t speak although no one could find the reason.

When no one came for MeiYan, the orphanage staff brought her to live in our Family Village.

Her new foster parents were worried; MeiYan showed no interest in anything. Every night, when he came home from work, her papa held her hands in his and told her stories. Every day after Little Sisters Preschool, her mama took her for rehabilitation. MeiYan always cried. Her mama encouraged her and showered her with little paper flowers when she finally succeeded in standing.

A few months passed. One evening, MeiYan’s sisters threw open the front door calling, “Papa is home! Papa is home!” MeiYan looked up and made a sound, “Papa.”

Papa swooped little MeiYan into his arms. He said, “Yes, yes, my adorable girl.” The whole family enjoyed their dinner together that night even more than usual.

Her progress encouraged MeiYan’s parents. They are now determined to help her walk and speak. Each evening Mama helps MeiYan practice taking steps. When she is frustrated, Papa holds up his phone and says, “Come on, let’s make a movie, MeiYan” and MeiYan tries again.

And MeiYan is beginning to talk. Just last week when her mama prepared to go out to buy vegetables for dinner MeiYan spoke out in her small voice, “Mama, cold outside – gloves.”

Mama’s eyes welled with tears. “Thank you, MeiYan.”

As she passed through the snowy orphanage gate, the guard called out, “It’s freezing. Why don’t you put on your gloves?”

She looked down. She still held the gloves in her hand. MeiYan’s words had warmed her through and through.

In this holiday season, thank you for helping MeiYan and children like her find the warmth of a family’s love.

Happy New Year!

From Half the Sky

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