27 November 2009

Blogging above 10,000 Feet

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Today, I got to do a first. I got to login and work on the computer (gogoinflight wifi) on the Delta Flight Home. The wifi was FREE during the period of 11/24/09 to 11/30/09. So I am taking advantage of the free connection and blogging above 10,000 feet. I must say that it is a neat experience. It is also all the better because of the smaller laptop that I got in August. It is much easier to work on tray as I can comfortably type and see the screen as well.

Yesterday, I got Skype enabled on both the netbook and my tablet. It was cool to get it up and running so that we can see each other across the miles during the 3 weeks we will be apart. Uncle Joel (DD’s husband) set up the wifi connection for the laptop and I installed the programs that Magoo had brought to play. I also was able to get MaMa’s email configured before leaving

Before we left on the trip, I made a custom shelf for the back of the Sienna. It is carpeted and fits in the back well over his Chariot. This gave us an area to put the luggage on top of the Chariot with shelf acting like a table over the Chariott. When I was building this with help from Magoo, he commented on it that it was also be a good picnic table. Well it is a little low for the adults, but just right for him. So taking this hint, I brought in the shelf I made for the Sienna so that I could set up Magoo’s laptop for games and school time. He has his own little desk upstairs to work at it and was thoroughly pleased to see it all set up for him.


Today was a whirlwind of activity. Getting ready for the airport trip and saying goodbyes to DD and SIL (Son-in-law) along with his parents. I grabbed a few more cute baby pictures with the iPhone and we were ready to go. We headed for Office Depot to get a couple of specials and then to Target for sleepwear on special. I was also looking for a 1 TB hard drive, but alas it was sold out. We then continued on to the Mall of the Americas.

We arrived and it was a bloody zoo trying to get off the freeway and into the mall where they had many entrances blocked off. To say it was packed was an understatement. I was lucky enough to follow a hotel shuttle in to the Mall through a barricade that the security officer opened and allowed us through because of MaMa’s special hang tag. We got parked at the correct end of the mall which is massive. There are 4 levels to the this mall with an indoor play amusement park in the middle of the mall. We went to the Radio Shack and had NO PROBLEMS getting the price adjusted for our Tuesday netbook purchase to the new Black Friday deal. They were extremely nice and a pleasure to shop and do business with. What ar refreshing change from most stores.

We then went up to eat. MaMa and Magoo got noodles from the Noodle hut while I got a Cheesesteak. I had spotted a coupon in the paper where if you spent $250 that day you would get two $30 all day passes to the amusment park there. Well the netbook return and repurchase qualified and I got Magoo two passes to use while I am back home alone. He had a ball last year at the park riding with his sister or with me. I know that he will have even more fun with it this year as he is bigger and can ride more of the rides. He also knows who Blue is from Blues Clue which he did not recognize last year.

We left mall with 1/2 hour to spare to get to the airport which was about 5 minutes from the mall. We then did the kiss and go at the airport with the tearful goodbyes. MaMa and I have not been apart for this long in our entire time together (over a 1/4 century). Gee that seems like a long time.

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