31 October 2009

Halloween 2009

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Yesterday, was Halloween and we celebrated this holiday at little differently this year. last year, we were out of town in Louisville Kentucky. It was nice to be home this year.

We started our day at a Church festival around the corner from the house. It was a warm-up for the day to come. The weather this day was gray, cloudy, chilly and slightly wet. Not the best weather for the day and an unwelcome change from the 70+ degree warm weather predicted earlier this week.

From our first stop, we went to Sears and collected a free Hot Wheel for Sheridan. We then journeyed to Toys R Us. When we stopped here, Sheridan asked what is this place. Such bad parents are we that he does not recognize the biggest toy store. Truth be told, he has been there a couple of times, but we do not make regular trips here.

Toys R Us had a trick or treat atmosphere and we enjoyed walking around and looking in the store. Sheridan took advantage of the tables stationed throughout the store that had candy for the kids. He also got a bag and one of the few Kai Lan computer programs that they found and gave away. What luck for him to get a computer program with Kai Lan.

We left Toys R Us and tried Michaels, but despite the listing that the even was to 2pm, they had quit their even at noon. We then went for lunch which as an interesting blend of Sonic and the Varsity. We went to Sonic for free Ice Cream for Sheridan and Cherry Limeades. Well the Limeaides were not free and so we did not get those. We go Sheridan a corn dog with tater tots, ice cream and left.

Our next stop was the Varsity for a quick bite for the adults before going over to the Straights for Halloween. We went to their church for a carnival called trunk or treat which was moved inside because of the weather. We had a good time at the carnival with free popcorn and snowcones along with great games for the kids. The best costume seen this night was a homemade popcorn box for the child. It looked great. Sheridan got his hand painted. He does not like face painting. He got a rainbow on his hand and some more candy.

We followed up the carnival with dinner at Taco Bell with free BlackJack Tacos for MaMa and Sheridan. I am just not adventurous with my eating. The kiddos then went trick or treating in Ms. Donna’s neighborhood with one Piglet (Shelby), one Clown (Faith), two Armed Escorts (Caleb and Travis), one Ninja Warrior (Sheridan) and one Pumpkin (Ms. Donna). MaMa accompanied the troop along with another friend and her children. Mr. CJ and I talked while the crew was trick or treating and it was nice to just relax and hang out. The Kiddos had a great time and got lots of candy. They enjoyed being together and playing after the Trick or Treating was over.

A great time was had by all.

3 Comments so far...

amy Says:

1 November 2009 at 2:35 pm.

So sorry we missed you..Sounds like we were right behind you..Glad you had a great day!

Donna Says:

2 November 2009 at 12:02 pm.

Where’s the pics?!?!?

Nanlee Says:

7 November 2009 at 8:26 am.

What a blessing to have such a good day, good friends, and a wonderful son! You are blessed my sister and I am blessed to call you friend! Love you guys! Nancy Lee

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