13 August 2009

Open Houses and Consignment Sale

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This week was a blur as I went back to school and had to unpack after being moved into the new building at school. So much to unpack and get ready along with a lab of new computers still in the box. I would come home from planning and work with MaMa on the consignment sale items. Yes, it was the week of the Fall consignment sale where we sell outgrown clothes, toys and computer software.

The craft room had been finished an clean for just a few days before we began Operation Consignment Sale – Fall Version. It was a big operation to get all of these items together and cataloged. You have to enter the items in the computer, tag them and of course clean them. We had 4 portable racks upstairs in the craft room. Late Wednesday night we got everything inventoried and ready for drop-off on Thursday. I had Open House on Thursday night. The district lets us go in late (noon) on Thursday since we will be at school till 8:30 that night. It was getting real as Open House is the real beginning of school.

Because of the late arrival time, I was able to help MaMa get the items over to the sale and get them checked in. I was also going to Sheridan Sit that night at Open House so MaMa can go to the sale early that night. Preview Night is one of the perks for selling. You get a chance to purchase before the public and get some of the best bargains.

Sheridan did really well at Open House. He watched Bob, played with his blocks and was on his best behavior. He even made the trip to the bathroom down the hall on his own. I left the building that night with Magoo and would not return until Monday. I left knowing that there was work still to be done, but time had run out. The work would get done next week as I would get the students to help unpack the new computers and hook them up. I also left knowing that it was more important to be with the family during the weekend.

We spent the Furlough day going to two consignment sales and enjoying the day together. The weekend passed all too quickly and it was time to go back to school on Monday. The time would pass anyway, but this year it passed with the family and being there with them. I am working on trying to let go of the less important things to grab onto those that are truly important. It will be a long process.

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