30 July 2009

A busy fun day

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Yesterday marked the true end of the summer semester. Yes, classes end last Thursday, but the grading and grade reporting was finished yesterday. We celebrated with dinner out with Justin and his parents. Justin has just been home a couple of weeks and is making fine progress along with his new parents in their journey to being a family. We had some good conversation and food. We then went to Dairy Queen for Ice Cream. At one of the large tables all of the “guys” from the older parent types to the little guys enjoyed racing a Hot Wheel or Matchbox type car across the table. Justin had brought his King and twins cars from the movie Cars and we had a great time talking and playing. I enjoyed it ever so much and loved being a kid again.

Today there were no adventures for BaBa the Builder. We spent the day going to a consignment sale and doing errands. One of the fond memories I have is of my Dad loading MaMa, myself and Grandma C into the VW Van and going to run errands. It was always an adventure and he loved the company.

Well we started with a trip to the consignment sale and picked up a few items for Magoo. Mostly pants, shirts and some sweaters. He and MaMa will head to the Frozen North in November to help our daughter with the new grandchild. So, MaMa really got to have fun finding some outfits and items needed for Baby TJ. We don’t if Baby TJ is a boy or girl. We don’t know about their choice of names so I decided to call the baby – Baby TJ by using the initial of each parent’s first name.

We then went from the consignment to eat lunch at BBQ place we have passed by for years, but never stopped to eat. The place is always crowded and after eating there, we understood why. We then went North to get a tablet PC for me to take back to school while MaMa and Magoo went to Target. After this, we came home to make a few phone calls and feed Rainbow the wonder dog. It was then time to grab a quick dinner and meet Ms. Donna and crew for a playdate at our local hangout we call The Pirate’s sandpit. The kiddos had a lot of fun as always and we enjoyed some Adult Conversation. A trip to Mickey D’s for Ice Cream completed the day.

Nice not to have a project to do, but my phone calls kept some things on track so it was not a completely unproductive day. Tomorrow we begin operation Clean Sweep where we begin to take back our house from the remodeling and projects that have been going on at home.

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Nanlee Says:

20 August 2009 at 7:43 am.

I miss you guys, sounds like you had a blessed summer and were ready for school to start! Be blessed! Nancy Lee

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