30 July 2009

Words to Live By

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Sometimes in our attempt to give children what we did not have,
we forget to give our children what we did have.

Connie Podesta

Let us show love to our children. Let us help them grow. Do this by setting boundaries and showing them that life has choices and consequences. Do this by loving them each day. Show them in every way that you are helping them grow and learn. Stop and play with them to find your inner kid. Stop and smell the roses and make time in your day for them. Your work will wait and you show your children that they are most important thing in your life by letting it wait when you can do so. Kiss and hug them liberally. Make sure to enjoy each and every moment as they are precious and slip by so fast.

It is hard in this rush, rush world to keep your eyes on the prize which is your time together. It is not a new toy or a snack or a treat that your child wants, but it is you and your time. I struggle with this and remain challenged to keep this a priority. I admit that this last year was not good and I failed more often than not because of a hard schedule. This summer has been busy, but I have spent it with MaMa and Magoo. I would have it no other way and really am sad that it is almost over.

It takes so much less time to complete a project without Magoo’s help. However, I remember vividly that when I was little I wanted to help my Pops with all of this home maintenance projects (they were never ending). My brother and I got under foot and at times were encouraged to go play elsewhere. However, when we were older and really could be helpful we were not as interested. I hope to change this by letting Magoo help when possible and just understand that the original time estimate is out the window.

Parenting requires thought and reflection. It is not a job for an auto-pilot.

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Cristy Says:

31 July 2009 at 12:07 pm.

So true… thanks for the reminder. It is so easy to be task focused and not people focused!

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