19 July 2009

Kitchen Renovations & Next Project

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We last left BaBa the Builder and Magoo having finished the project of Kitchen Reno for the MaMa client. Here are the photos of their work. Notice Magoo in the cabinets checking for fit and load capacity. So glad to say “Yes, We Did It!” The MaMa client has soooooo much more cabinet space and Inspector Magoo remarked that “BaBa even made a drawer for the toaster.” Gotta love his attention to detail.

BaBa and Magoo have now begun work in the guest bedroom which is soon to be the MaMa Client’s new craft room featuring a sleeping sofa instead of the bed. This major project required a trip to IKEA. Well actually 2 trips to IKEA. We are beginning to really like this store. It was the source of the bargain cabinets that we got for the Sun Porch Refurb and the Laundry Room Refurb this spring.

We were looking into a Murphy bed setup and found something on Craig’s List. It was in Midtown and really was a good fit except the guy no longer had the bed portion. He only had the office cabinets. Well that was a no go. We then went to IKEA for lunch and shopping. We decided to seek another solution so that BaBa would not have to build a Murphy Bed from scratch.

The MaMa client along with Inspector Magoo (new title as he was promoted to Job Inspector) began the search. We are really bargain hunters and hit the jackpot again. White 24 x 24 cabinets with door, shelf and hardware for $9.99 each instead of $29.99 each (closeout). We also got a few roll top cabinets for $49.99 instead of $249 each. We topped this off with a half price mattress (As Is Department one of my favorite spots). The mattress was $68 down from $140 and a computer portable table for 25% off along with two As Is desks at 50% off. We added to this 4 stools for Magoo and 4 stackable tables to replace his old Little Tykes Picnic table and we were in business.

We filled the Van and headed home only to unload and take both the Truck and Van back for the last part of the shopping and to complete the loading from the first trip. As Is items must be taken immediately so we took those home and then came back for the cabinets and sofa bed frame. By Thursday, Baba the Builder, Inspector Magoo and the MaMa client were all tired from the long day shopping on Wednesday. Stay tuned for more of BaBa the Builder as we move to the Craft Room and complete other home projects this summer.

Enjoy the Kitchen Reno pictures.

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aggie Says:

27 April 2010 at 12:14 pm.

Great kitchen!! Your hubby did a great job!

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