14 June 2009

Printer Cabinet Refurb

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Another in the Refurb jobs was on the porch. I had salvaged a kitchen cabinet from the side of the road a few years back. About two years ago, I did make it into the printer cabinet that I had envisioned it being. I cut off the toe kick and removed the one of the support bars (it was originally for 3 drawers). I had to repair the facing and did not do the best job. I made a top for it and a new drawer. I also installed the slide outs for the printers and then ran out of time. It was functionally, but not nice looking.

As part of the sunroom — multifunction room think office, playroom and soon schoolroom combo — Refurb, this item was also scheduled for completion. I had looked for doors at IKEA in the salvage room when we there in April and got the cabinets. No luck.

We went back to IKEA yesterday to return the 2 cabinets that we could not use. I went straight to salvage room and lucked out. For $7 a door and $3 for another odd sized door. I would use the $3 odd size to make a drawer front. I would have to cut the doors down to size. They already had the round European Hinge cut outs, but they were designed to go horizontally instead of vertically. I cut off 2 inches from each door and thus was then ready to drill in the new pocket hinges. I also had to replace the trim on what would be the bottom of the door and stain it.

As to the drawer front, I cut it larger to hide my earlier cabinet repair. I glued it and attached it with screws. I had help with this as Magoo wanted to help me. He did really well in handing screws to me and helping with the glue and being very interested in the project. Well we finished the cabinet refurb today. It has been great to unpack the table saw that sat boxed up for over two years and get some projects finished. We are next going to make slide drawers for the new pantry cabinet before moving on to making and installing slide outs in the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

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Nanlee Says:

8 July 2009 at 11:02 am.

You are so smart! looks great! Miss u! Nancy

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