19 January 2009

Accident Follow-Up

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Today is a school holiday and follows the long weekend that MaMa was on the Girls getaway. It is becoming more obvious that MaMa needs help for her back pain. I called in the claim to the insurance company for the person who hit MaMa. The problem would be that it is not a well known company and that the driver is not on the policy. She was driving the vehicle with permission. In fact, it seems that the owner (insured) was at the scene of the accident in another car. The claims person was not very friendly and in fact down right curt. I could tell that this part of the accident aftermath was going to take some work on my part. I also was now required to order the accident report for this claims agent.

We went to REI for the scratch and dent members sale. We found a couple of items including a pair of shoes for Magoo and a lens case for me. We then went straight to the Chiropractor to see if she was open today. She was and was able to see MaMa immediately. She took X-Rays and began to work on MaMa. Magoo and I went to get lunch and some information about the accident. I took pictures of the car and got some information about our auto insurance. I also got my agent on the phone to discuss my options.

I went back to pickup MaMa and we had a quick lunch in the car on the way downtown. The Chiropractor who we have used in the past and trust recommended that we seek counsel with an attorney. After the fun with the claims agent this morning and the third party driver, I knew that was a good idea. I also knew that MaMa would need to see the Chiropractor many times over the next several weeks (almost daily) as part of her treatment. Our health insurance would balk at covering if it was part of an accident and we would exhaust all of her yearly benefits in three weeks.

We made the meeting downtown at his office and retained him on contingency for a portion of the amount recovered. I am only concerned that MaMa gets better and that her Chiropractor gets paid along with the attorney. I do not expect for us to recover any settlement, but took this step so that she can be treated and that the treatment is payment is recovered from the insurance company. So we now begin the process of dealing with the property damage and MaMa’s injuries.

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