21 January 2009

New Site Banner

Posted by BaBa under: Photography; Site Information .

I have been working with one of my students at school to design a new header for the site. It features MaMa’s bells from Wuhan. This is a tabletop set of bells that I had a member of our travel group pickup when her family went to Wuhan to get their daughter while the rest of us went to Nanjing for children.

The bells are really a symbol of our journey and so I am glad to see them in the design. You can read When a Bell Rings — Our Story on the main page.

Photography is one of my passions and so it seems appropriate to use the slide film strip on the site. It is also a way for us to change the photos on the site from time to time in order to keep the design fresh.

To complete the design, we just need to make the banner a hyperlink to the site. This will require a little research on our part since the banner is a called item in the style sheet. The more you experiment with things, the more that you learn.

Hope that you enjoy the new look and we would like to read your comments about the design. So — drop us a comment.

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tymm Says:

21 January 2009 at 10:49 pm.

Nice incorporating your bells in the header piece – and the film strip always makes for a great way to swap out new pics.

Your site displays a lot differently for me in IE6 vs. IE7 – just thought I’d share. You may know it and don’t mind. I know a lot of folks are tossing IE6 to the wind (especially with IE8 coming out of beta)…

Keep it up – i love checking out people’s creativity… (makes me wanna redesign our site too!)

Nan Lee Says:

23 January 2009 at 7:11 pm.

LOVE it, you are so talented! I can’t wait to see you guys in Feb. Blessings, Nancy

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