25 November 2008

(Cruise Day 4) – Grand Cayman

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We awoke a little later this morning and then after playing with Magoo a little got up and off to breakfast. We would tender to Grand Cayman today. Our plans were minimal. We were just going go and shop a little and wander around town collecting some of the freebies for the tourists off of the ship.

We tendered over to the island and he got to walk off the ship and travel away from the ship on the little boat. This coupled with the fact that I took him out on the fan tail before breakfast to show him the water behind the ship and the other ships anchored off each side seemed to help him get the idea that we really are on the ship. We could also see the ships at anchor while eating in the Horizons Court Buffett.

We arrived and walked off the tender. We did just as planned and wandered around town. I got a chance to get on the Internet and post several of his last adventures, but no photos. I also killed spam and answered student email. While doing this Magoo played in the rocky sand and made a mountain with his new beach tools. We got these as a freebee when we purchased him two of the cool Del Sol color changing t-shirts. The beach tools also change color.

We tendered back to the ship and Magoo sat on top with me. I wanted to get a couple of photos and also figured if he was on top, he would get to see that we were coming up on the cruise ship. He broke out to a chorus of Row, Row your boat to the amusement of several on top of the tender. I think that by the end of this boat ride, he had the idea that we were really on the cruise ship and not in some fancy hotel room.

We arrived back in time for lunch and after lunch MaMa tried to nap while I worked on photos and he watched some shows. We got ready and had an excellent dinner. Two ladies from Canada who dined with us on Sunday night rejoined our table and will be dinning with us tomorrow night as well. They are very good company and we enjoyed seeing them back again. Magoo did not nap today and was very very tired. We came back to the room after a relaxing dinner and unlike last night when he stayed up after 11, he promptly went to sleep. MaMa also called it an early night while I wrote and watched Iron Man. One of things that I like about cruising is the chance to see new things, relax and to catch up on some movies.

Well we had a good time today and tomorrow we head to Cozumel where Magoo will have more adventures.


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