23 November 2008

(Cruise Day 2) Day at Sea

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I did not sleep really well. I woke up about 5:30am. I had lept well until then, but had got up showered and after an ice hot shower laid down and got back to sleep. Unfortunately, I woke MaMa and she also showered and then laid back down until Magoo stirred about 7am. Soon we werer off to breakfast and then dropped him off at the Pelicans club. He gave us both a kiss and went off enthusiastically to play. We were now free until noon to explore the ship and enjoy our time together.

We went back downstairs to have a cup of tea and to plan our day. We would go to port shopping presentation and then after we pick him up at noon have lunch by the pool watching the new Indiana Jones movie.

The port and shipping lecture was like sitting through a marathon of QVC. It was a waste of time and we learned that you can get the best discounts if you buy the shopping guide for $25. This is becoming a theme on the cruise. Ice-cream is for sale. Celebrations such as my birthday cake are free for 1 or $1.50 per person. It is just upsetting to see that once was complimentary is now charged for at every turn. I watched Indiana Jones by the pool and enjoyed the movie, but it was really blustery and eventually I had to leave the chase and take up a chair under the deck overhang.

Tonight was formal night. We got Sheridan after a short time in the cabin for a nap and some writing. We got dressed and then planned to take some photos and have to avoid the spots that the ship has setup as stations for their photos. We found a spot on the spiral staircase in the promenade that was not taken. I had the monopod setup, but the ship was rocking and rolling too much. I nice couple helped out and we got off three shots. They looked good. We also posed for some from the ship, but were not thrilled with the results. We will try some informal shots tomorrow around the ship.

We had a wonderful dinner. The wait staff is superb and we enjoyed dinner. Magoo likes the shrimp cocktails without the sauce. He has enjoyed the dinner each night. We came back to the room to watch a movie after a stroll around the deck. Sheridan seems to be enjoying the cruise, but is a little confused as it appears that he believes he is just in a nice hotel.


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