5 November 2008

Our Election

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I awoke on Wednesday to the historic news that we had elected our first black president in the history of our country. I have prayed about this election and continue to pray as our nation is facing many deeply challenging problems that must be solved.

Today, I make the choice not to Fear.
I will not let False Evidence Appear Real.

I did not vote for the new President. I still do not believe that he is the best choice to lead our nation. However, the choice has been made by all of the people.

  • I pray that he makes wise choices in those who will be in the new cabinet.
  • I pray that he makes wise choices for the welfare of all of our country.
  • I also pray that he governs like President Clinton in terms of policies moving to the center.
  • I pray that he unites our country.
  • I pray that he works with both parties to solve our problems and not to point fingers of blame.
  • I pray that we finally can move beyond the color of one’s skin or one’s heritage or religion in how we see each other.
  • I pray that he builds consensus within our country and lives up to his potential to unify and inspire our nation with his oratory skills.
  • Finally, I pray that we avoid the disastrous times and troubles and ineptitude that marked Jimmy Carter’s difficult and failed term in the White House.

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amy Says:

10 November 2008 at 7:24 pm.

Just finished catching up on your posts.. i really enjoy hearing about life with sheridan. thank you for letting me spend some time with the sweet boy last week. im always guaranteed a giggle with him

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