10 October 2008

A Grateful Debtor

Posted by BaBa under: Adoption Community Group .

I am a debtor and my family are debtors. We owe more than we can ever pay. Our lives changed on a trip half way around the world in a not so chance occasion in a museum filled with beautiful music. This set our feet on a path that would change everything in our world.

Battling jetlag and the need to chart our course, we began the journey of our lives. We set sail for the first port in the voyage – our agency decision and application. While in port we took on guides and our lives were again changed. The Chapmans have been with us from the very beginning of this voyage through the end of the beginning as we arrived home. They have shared our joy, disappointment and the pain mixed with fear and uncertainty during our stay in limbo (when our file was pulled additional information). With each phase of the journey, we leaned on them and shared our joy with them.

I will not forget when our agency told us that our application had been approved and that there was a community support group meeting in our area. First Fridays was the creation and vision of Dan and Susan. I felt a little apprehensive not to mention the apprehension that MaMa felt about going to someone’s home that neither of us knew to spend an evening with complete strangers. As soon as we entered, we felt welcome and this apprehension soon left especially seeing the photo of Iona hung on the wall.

First Fridays was to become an integral part of our lives during the next two years. We watched children come home and the community celebrate these arrivals. We were overwhelmed when our turn came to introduce Sheridan to our community that had nurtured us, prayed for us and loved us during the journey. It is a day that I will remember as it is written on my heart.

Thank you is too small a phrase to convey the full meaning and depth of our love and gratitude to Dan and Susan for opening their home, hearts and lives to us. We owe them so much that we can never repay. As is the custom in our family when we are faced with this kind of debt we choose to pay it forward. In this small way we choose to attempt to have the same impact on our world and others as those who have impacted us in such a monumental way.

This post is dedicated to Dan and Susan with grateful hearts for their vision and dedication in impacting so many families through their First Friday Group. We were saddened to learn last week that they were discontinuing sponsoring First Friday.

Here is a look back with some of my favorite photos from the our time spent with First Fridays. Thanks for the memories and friendship.

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Rebecca Says:

12 October 2008 at 6:38 am.

All the old photos make me nostalgic. What a blessing FF was. We are forever grateful to Susan and Dan. We too are all about “paying it forward”.

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